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Is anyone currently using OpenNMS in their networks? If so, did you have an outside source install it, or did you install yourself? What OS/versions are you running it on?

I've been trying to get OpenNMS to install on Debian Etch for the last few days and have been failing miserably during the actual OpenNMS install. I've downloaded the .deb packages and source tarballs for 1.2.9 and 1.3.5 from sourceforge and haven't been able to get either path to work.

So far, I've been installing postgre, tomcat, and rrdtool through apt-get and that seems to be giving me the majority of my issues. I think I'm going to try building everything from source tomorrow.

Anyone who has installed OpenNMS recently: Can you give any suggestions? I've googled the hell out of this, printed all of the documents from I have three versions of the install document and neither seems to get me through the installation completely.

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